July 10, 2020
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Our Corporate Values  

-Northpoint is an organization that helps people not just by providing them with their needs but also guiding and pushing them forward
-We always consider the greater good of others
-We go beyond ourselves and recognize our moral obligations with one another.

-Northpoint is an organization that fosters national consciousness and love for the country and its citizens
-We exist to eradicate poverty in the Philippines
-What we do is for the benefit of the Filipino people

-Northpoint is every client’s partner
-We play the role of a “kaagapay”, this means that we are not distant from them
-The social stature or economic condition of our clients is not a hindrance to the way we relate to them

Our Culture At Work

Culture of Customer Services
-We uphold a culture that is committed and responsive
-All our employees are focused on meeting customer’s needs
-They are assertive, confident, tactful and firm

Culture of Second Chance
-We embrace a culture that gives employees second chances
-We abide to a corrective approach rather than punitive in nature
-We adopt coaching strategies rather than disciplinary actions

Culture of Volunteerism
-We champion a culture of self-volunteerism in the workplace
-We encourage all our employees to take an active role in achieving the company’s goals
-Our employees are self-starters and proactive

Culture that Values Life
-We espouse a culture that does not praise material things
-Our employees know that what matters most in life are the things that money cannot buy

Our Individual Qualities

Good Leadership
-Northpoint has good leaders in the organization
-Northpoint’s employees are innovative and creative
-Each leader is a coach
-He is patient, generous, and caring
-He is able to motivate other people
-He is willing and capable of listening to his people
-He is conscious of the responsibilities and opportunities of his position as a leader

-Northpoint has employees who are fully committed to what they do
-They love their jobs as much as they believe in the organization
-They are hardworking individuals with clear and established progress
-They are focused, self-driven and enthusiastic on their work
-They have determination and persistence

Actively Involved
-Our employees are dynamic and effective in finishing tasks successfully
-They are passionate with their work and constructive with their time
-They are able to empower other people with their optimism
-They are catalysts of change

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Member:PDIC.Maximum Deposit Insurance for Each Depositor P500,000
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