May 28, 2024
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NDB's Data Privacy Notice

We at Northpoint Development Bank, Inc. (NDB) value and respect your concerns about privacy. With this, NDB is committed to protect your privacy by ensuring that all personal data collected from you are processed and maintained in accordance to R.A. 10173 (Data Privacy Act 2012) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations(IRR), issuances of the National Privacy Commission (NPC) and other pertinent laws and court rulings. Likewise, NDB will adhere to the principles of transparency, legitimate purpose and proportionality in collecting and processing your personal data.

Who Are NDB's Data Subject:

NDB collects personal data from any of the following:
1. Applicants or clients who are availing of NDB's products and services,
2. Job applicants and its employees,
3. NDB's third party service providers, and
4. Any other parties who use the NDB website or with whom NDB has transactions.

Why NDB Collect Your Personal Data:

NDB may manually or electronically collects your personal data/information for us to:
1. Process our everyday business transactions for purposes of profiling, background and credit checking to evaluate application and/or availment of NDB's products and services in relation to credit and operational risk analysis and management.
2. Conduct identity verification pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001
3. Comply with contractual and regulatory requirements such as the submission of data to:

  • Collection Agency
  • Bank Association of the Philippines (Negative File Information System)
  • Credit Information Corporation (pursuant to the R.A. 9510 Credit Information System Act)
  • Courts
  • Government Agencies
  • Bank Auditors (Internal / External)
4. Respond to court orders, instructions and requests from local or foreign authorities including compliance to regulatory, governmental, tax and law enforcement

What Personal Data / Information May NDB Collect From You:

NDB will collect your personal data when you interact with our employees or authorized representatives. Personal data that may be collected from you may include, but not limited to, as may be needed or applicable to your transactions with NDB:

  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Age
  4. Gender
  5. Civil Status
  6. ID Details whether government issued or company issued
  7. Certification/s and/or License/s
  8. Home Address/es
  9. Contact Information
  10. Religion
  11. Nationality/Citizenship
  12. Issued Identification Numbers of government agencies, such as TIN, GSIS/SSS
  13. E-mail Address
  14. Beneficiary Information
  15. Family Members information
  16. Specimen Signatures
  17. Educational Background
  18. Employment Background
  19. Business Details
  20. Financial Information, including all source of funds
  21. Assets
  22. Credit Information
  23. Bank account details, transactions, movements, and interactions
  24. Proof of Billing
  25. Images (video or photo) collected, including CCTV footages
  26. Voice or video recordings

How NDB will use the Personal Data:

The personal data collected by NDB will be evaluated relative to the subject transactions with NDB, stored and retained within the prescribed retention period, safeguarded and protected, shared with 3rd party providers, government regulators and other allowable sharing, and will be disposed after the retention period.

How and Why NDB May Share Your Personal Data:

NDB may share your personal information with third party service providers who perform services for the Bank provided you give your consent or even in the absence of a consent, if the sharing is outside the coverage of the Data Privacy Act (DPA), or under special cases mentioned in Sec. 5.3 (a) of the IRR of the DPA or as an exception to the rule on confidentiality per MORB, or any other sharing allowed by law. All digital/electronic sharing shall be encrypted, unless expressly authorized by law.

We require our third party service providers to appropriately safeguard the privacy and security of your personal data. NDB engaged third parties for the following reasons:

  1. Verify your personal information
  2. Assist in business operations
  3. Comply with legal requirements

How NDB May Store Your Personal Data:

NDB store your personal data/information in hard copy and/or electronic copy. We will retain your personal data/information as required by law and regulation and in accordance with the retention policy of NDB.

How Protect Your Personal Data:

NDB enforces strict compliance to Data Privacy and Information Security Policies to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized or accidental access, disclosure, alteration or modification, and destruction. We made sure that your personal data are safeguarded by:

  1. Assuring you that your personal data will be held under strict confidentiality and used only for the declared purpose;
  2. Storing your personal data in a secured server behind a firewall and by physical security controls in our document storage facility;
  3. Restricting access to your personal data only to authorized bank personnel with strict confidentiality;
  4. Requiring our third party service providers to protect your personal data with our own security standards and we secure a copy of their registration certificate to the National Privacy Commission as evidence that they complied with the R.A 10173 (Data Privacy Act 2012).

What Are Your Data Privacy Rights:

NDB respects and recognizes your rights in accordance to R.A 10173 or Data Privacy Act 2012 and its IRR:

  1. Right to be informed

    You can exercise your right to be informed when you are notified as to the collection and processing of your personal data / information and/or your consent is secured/obtained for said purpose.

  2. Right to object

    You can exercise your right to object if the Bank processes your data or information without your consent, unless the processing is pursuant to a subpoena, for obvious purposes (contract, employer-employee relationship, etc.), or a result of a legal obligation.

  3. Right to access

    You can exercise your right to access your personal data by a written request to the Bank to have a copy of the following:
    • The contents of your personal data that were processed
    • The sources from which they were obtained
    • Names and addresses of the recipients of your data
    • Manner by which they were processed
    • Reasons for disclosure to recipients
    • Information on automated system where your data is or may be available, and how it may affect you
    • Date when your data was last accessed and modified

  4. Right to rectification

    You can exercise your right to rectify, if the Bank collected and processed your personal data erroneously or inaccurately.

  5. Right to erasure or blocking

    You can exercise your right to suspend, withdraw or order the blocking, removal or destruction of your personal data if you discovered (with substantial proof) that your personal data is:
    • incomplete, outdated, false, or unlawfully obtained
    • being used for purposes you did not authorize
    • no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected
    • no overriding legal ground for its processing
    • processing of personal data is prejudicial without objection, is unlawful and rights of data subject have been violated

  6. Right to damages

    You can exercise your right to damage, if the Bank violates your right and freedom due to inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained or unauthorized use of your personal data.

  7. Transmissibility of Data Subject Rights

    You can exercise your rights, if:
    • You are alive but incapacitated and for some reason unable to assert your own personal privacy rights and that you wish to authorize a "legal assignee" to act as your proxy, you may do so by executing a legal notice to the effect, such as through a Special Power of Attorney.
    • In case the data subject is deceased, the legal heirs must be prepared to show legal evidence to back their claim.
    • The data subject is a minor, the Parents or Guardians will automatically assume the responsibility of protecting the privacy rights of the minors under their care.

  8. Right to data portability

    You can exercise your right to data portability, by obtaining a copy of your personal data from the Bank (in any format) for your further use.

  9. Right to file a complaint

    You can exercise your right to file a complaint with the National Privacy Commission, if the Bank violates any of your data privacy rights.

How You May Contact Us:

For data privacy inquiries, requests, concerns, or complaints you may write to our Data Protection Officer at:
Email address:
Office address: Data Protection Officer
Northpoint Development Bank, Inc.
3F S.P. Junction Building, Junction of National Highway
and A. Mabini St., Brgy. Nueva, City of San Pedro, Laguna

For other inquiries, requests, concerns, or complaints you may visit our Branches / Branch-Lite units near you or get in touch with our Customer Service Representative through:
Mobile Phone: 0998 969-5404
Email address:
Facebook Account: Northpoint Development Bank - @northpointdb

Changes to our Data Privacy Notice:

NDB reserves the right to modify or amend this Privacy Notice from time to time to ensure that it is consistent with applicable legal and regulatory requirements on how we handle your personal data.

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