July 17, 2024
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Our Corporate Values


Altruism means we always consider the greater good and welfare of the entire organization and its stakeholders and not ours alone. It means we have a greater purpose in what we do by making ourselves available to serve others and bearing in mind that our mission is to uplift the lives of the customers we serve. We have the compassion and genuine care for our colleagues, our customers and partners.


Nationalism means recognizing that we are part of a greater entity - the nation. As a responsible member of it, we are taking conscious efforts to be a catalyst of change for its development. We belong to a company conscious of its role in nation building. What we want is our company to be known not just as a stable and leading financing company, but as an organization mindful of its social responsibility - an institution known to many as an active and key contributor to the betterment of society.


Humility means absence of a sense of being superior to those we support or others; having a sense that values individual equality and dignity; not being intimidating to others. We seek with an open mind and are willing to appreciate different perspectives.


Integrity is our firm adherence to the established code of ethics of the company. It encompasses our trustworthiness, honesty, fairness and professionalism. It means keeping our words and doing what we say we will do; being true to our answers or stand in certain issues and doing the right thing, despite its consequences. We are partial and we ensure that the same rules apply to everyone. We speak like real professionals, we are careful in our words and actions. We are people with integrity and it is consistent in our acts.


Excellence is our ideal state of possessing good qualities in a distinguished degree and superiority in virtue. For us, it is a journey rather than a destination - we continually strive to do a better job, meeting new challenges, making a difference, and inspiring others. It is being the best we can be in everything - all the time. We believe that excellence is never achieved – it is an ongoing, everyday process.

Our Culture at Work

Culture of Customer Services

• We uphold a culture that is committed and responsive
• All our employees are focused on meeting customer’s needs
• They are assertive, confident, tactful and firm

Culture of Second Chance

• We embrace a culture that gives employees second chances
• We abide to a corrective approach rather than punitive in nature
• We adopt coaching strategies rather than disciplinary actions

Culture of Volunteerism

• We champion a culture of self-volunteerism in the workplace
• We encourage all our employees to take an active role in achieving the company’s goals
• Our employees are self-starters and proactive

Culture that Values Life

• We espouse a culture that does not praise material things
• Our employees know that what matters most in life are the things that money cannot buy

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