June 17, 2024
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Business Advisor
Internal Audit Department Head
Head Office Section Head
Corporate Compliance Officer
Records Management and General Services Department Head
General Ledger Supervisor/ Accounting Supervisor
Account Officer

Competitive Compensation

Compensation at Northpoint is designed to promote high performance culture by driving sustainable improvements in business performance, support our corporate culture through preferred behaviors, and to be market competitive and cost effective in the relevant employment market

Employee Relations

• Northpoint makes sure the policies for employees are implemented properly

• Employees have the assurance that their voices and concerns will be heard so that they have the confidence in their place in the organization

Amazing Employees

Employees can be involved in implementing change and promoting growth that they would never have the opportunity in other large companies

Continuous Development

• Northpoint provides adequate training programs to all our employees

• Northpoint provides competency-based certification training programs and cross training courses for the worker's future in the organization

We build our future managers and leaders from within the organization

Continuous Growth

• Northpoint prides itself in being able to provide its employees competent skills that shall define their road map to success


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